Our Story

Carving a wooden spoon on the Brooklyn Bridge
Visiting Angel Oak Tree, Johns Island, SC

For many years I was able to find a creative outlet through the water, building my connectivity with the earth. I’ve experienced numerous hurricanes while living near the ocean but one, in particular, rocked our area taking down trees in its fury. An idea sprung to life when I saw all of the destruction and soon to be waste. I was awake to nature and I was moving in time with nature, but when nature was altered it caused me pause.

My woodworking began out of the desire to upcycle a single tree downed in that hurricane. To find some meaning in the wake of destruction and to give new life to what was once a beautiful living, breathing organism. What started as a small endeavor has grown into a brand dedicated to bringing sustainable, contemporary visions through handcrafted pieces for cooking and entertaining.

Gränsfors Bruk small carving hatchet used for detailed axe work when hand carving this Bradford pear wood into a wooden coffee scoop.
Svante Djärv wood carving spoon knife and a handmade wooden coffee scoop in a pile of wood chips.
Hans Karlsson dog-leg gouge for hollowing small wood bowls and large wooden spoons.

In an age where manufacturing is the status-quo, Arbor Novo prioritizes the art of craftsmanship and the preservation of our environment.

Our commitment focuses on creating high-quality, unique, and memorable woodenware. From wood cutting boards to wooden spoons and coffee scoops, we make cooking and entertaining easy and aesthetically beautiful. Each item incorporates old world traditional woodworking techniques and environmentally conscious sourcing, all to create pieces that translate beautifully into the modern kitchen. We believe in quality and environmental stewardship and use sustainable, renewable, or reclaimed wood for our products. By repurposing trees that fall, Arbor Novo gives them new life for the contemporary home. Many of our products begin as a log and over several months develop into the wood pieces found in our shop