Product Care

Arbor Novo premium wood care product line for wood cutting boards, wooden spoons, and wooden coffee scoops.


Damascus Steel and D2 Steel blades

Arbor Novo Damascus Steel Knife Oiled with Arbor Novo Perfect Oil

Our knives are made of premium quality, high carbon steel and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. To avoid rust they require you to wash and always dry immediately after use. 

● When you use your knife, wipe and dry it immediately after use.

● When you wash your knife use mild soap and water, and dry right away. Dry immediately after use.

● Hand wash only, no dishwasher.

● Lubricate with our Renewal Oil for storage.

What should I do if I see rust on my knife?

If you encounter rust due to water left on your knife, give the blade a soak in white vinegar for approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Next use a sponge to wipe the rust away. (Vinegar is a mild acid that will break up rust from steel.) If any rust remains, soak for an additional 20 minutes and repeat. Once the rust is removed, rinse with water and dry well with a paper towel to remove any remaining residue. We recommend periodically using our Renewal Oil on the steel and handle. This seasoning process helps protect your knives, especially after a nice vinegar bath!

Why Choose Wood?

● Did you know wood has natural antibacterial properties which make many species good candidates for cutting boards and wooden spoons? 

● When you couple that with our premium wood care product line, woodenware is a much safer surface for food preparation than plastic.

By keeping your wooden utensils and boards protected, you will ensure a safe environment for your kitchen. Continue reading for the best ways to protect, preserve, and finish your cutting and serving boardsspoons, and coffee scoops.

How to Care for Your Woodenware

Running a wooden serving board under water.
Rubbing Arbor Novo Miracle Balm on wood serving board.
Arbor Novo wooden serving board repelling water from use of Cutting Board Perfect Oil and Woodenware Miracle Balm.

Wooden Cutting, Charcuterie, and Serving Boards

We finish our cutting and charcuterie boards by treating them with our food-grade Woodenware Renewal Oil, followed by our Woodenware Miracle Balm. This process prepares them for immediate use. Once your board arrives and settles into its new home, we recommend following a few guidelines to maintain its function and beauty for years to come.  

● When you wash your cutting board only use mild soap and water, and dry right away. 

● Allow your board to air dry in a standing position preferably in a dish rack. By following these guidelines, you will direct any excess water to drain along the grain and safely away from your board. Uneven changes in moisture content will change or alter the state and integrity of your board.

● We highly suggest you oil and wax your piece with our premium product care, aiming for at least once a month or more depending on use. Proper care will keep your board looking great! 

● Never leave your board soaking in water.

● Remember, never put your cutting or charcuterie board in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave.

● Never place it on heat. That is a surefire way to ruin your woodenware.

● Do your best to not leave/store your board in the direct sunlight.

One last tip before you go…

Did you know you can periodically rub a cut lemon over your cutting surface? This will add the power of citrus to help kill any growing bacteria thereby further protecting your investment and your health!

Wooden Coffee Scoops

Arbor Novo finishes its coffee scoops with our organic beeswax Miracle Balm. Periodically a fresh coat will liven up your scoops color and continue protecting the wood for years to come. If needed, gently wash your scoop by hand with cool water and mild soap. Allow your scoop to dry in a dish drain or by using a soft towel. When completely dry rub in a small amount of the balm and allow to sit overnight. The next morning, wipe away any excess balm.

● Never put your scoop in a dishwasher, microwave, or oven. Extreme heat will damage your scoop.

● Never use an abrasive pad or sharp edge to clean your scoop. If needed, use warm water and soap, and gently rub to remove stuck-on matter.

● Never leave your scoop soaking in water for extended periods.

● Never place your scoop in hot or boiling liquids. Doing so will quickly remove the oil finish and will transfer the wax coating to your liquid.

Wooden Spoons

Gently wash your spoon with cool to warm water and mild soap. Place your spoon to dry in a dish rack or dry immediately with a soft towel. Periodically, a fresh coat of our Renewal Oil will liven up your spoon and protect the wood finish. Simply rub in a small amount and let sit overnight. The next morning wipe off any excess oil.

● Never put your spoon in a dishwasher, microwave, or oven. Extreme heat will damage your spoon.

● Never use an abrasive pad or sharp edge to clean your spoon. If needed, use warm water and soap, and gently rub to remove stuck-on matter.

● Never leave your spoon soaking in water for extended periods.

● Never place your spoon in boiling liquid. Doing so will remove the oil finish.

How to Restore Your Kitchen Woodenware 

From time to time, you will notice your woodenware develop a feeling of “fuzz.” This is a natural raising of the grain due to contact with water and use. Although it can happen at any point, it usually happens towards the early stages of ownership. To keep your woodenware looking great:

1. Gently wash and dry your wood piece.

2. Lightly sand over the spots you’d like to touch-up with a high grit sandpaper (1500 to 2000). PRO TIP: make sure you are sanding in the direction of the wood grain, not across the grain.

3. Wipe with a damp cloth.

4. Once dry lightly sand again. Brush off any dust left behind, but do not get it wet.

4. Apply a generous coat of our Perfect Oil to the treated areas allowing the oil to completely dry. (All woodenware items)

5. Add a top coat of Arbor Novo Miracle Balm and let it sit overnight. (Not for use on cooking spoons)

Used and worn wood cutting board before wood care treatment with Arbor Novo's Cutting Board and Woodenware Premium Care Kit
Wood cutting board after treatment with Arbor Novo's premium wood care Perfect Oil and Miracle Balm.